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OsteoPro Webinar!

OsteoPro is 1-on-1 exercise with a BoneFit Trained Clinician to help educate & improve overall quality of life while living with Osteoporosis.

The GLA:D solution to Osteoarthritis!

During this FREE 45 minute webinar we discuss the following…
• What happens to the joint with this degenerative disease
• Common symptoms & available treatment options (surgical & non-surgical)
• What is the Good Living Arthritis Denmark (GLA:D) program & how it can benefit you
• At-home exercises you can start right away
• Live Q&A for any questions you may have

Foot Care Webinar!

Check out our latest FREE Webinar! We discuss everything Foot Care and how we can help YOU get back to a fully functional life!

Debunking the Shoulder

During this FREE 45-minute Webinar, we’ll discuss the following items to prepare your shoulder for return to sport or daily functional activity post-COVID isolation…

Players Scorecard with registered Physiotherapist Mike Pameli

Are you ready for golf season?…

Do you want to outdrive your friends? Feel good physically about your game during & after? Maybe have the energy to play 36? Ask yourself this….are you physically ready for the golf season?

Sleep 8...Feel Great! Sleep Webinar

Having trouble finding a good night sleep? This webinar is for YOU!  Dr. Mallory Reinthaler, ND shares tips & tricks on how to get the most out of your night sleep! Check it out!  

The Survival Guide to Lower Back Pain

Take charge of your back pain now! Learn about valuable tips on exercise, stretching, and simple at home strategies to treat this common yet disabling condition.

Pelvic Floor Webinar

There’s More to it than Kegel’s! – Bladder issues? Pain with sexual intercourse? It’s time to STOP thinking these are normal things that women have to deal with. It’s time to START talking about how we can treat them!

Vertigo vs. Dizziness

Which one is it? – Have you ever experienced vertigo or any other episode of dizziness?  Learn what the difference is and how to manage this debilitating condition.

Keys to Success as a Young Athlete During COVID-19

Elevate your athletic ability during COVID-19  with tips on sport specific training, home exercise drills, stretching, and staying connected with teammates.

The Latest Medical Trends in Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis

Expert medical advice from Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Patrick Gamble MD – latest medical trends, cutting edge treatments, and the #1 advice from a surgeon!

Staying Healthy While Staying at Home

Learn how to combat the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown with these tips on healthy eating, proper workstation setup, simple exercises, and the best sleep advice!

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