Mentorship Program

Your Professional Development


Responsibilities and Expectations


  • Ongoing Monthly Schedule
  • Direct 1:1 Skills Development – 30 min. Blocks
  • Group Virtual Case Study Session – 60 mins.
  • Group Clinical Skills Development – 60 mins.
  • Guest Lectures – Interest topics
  • Ongoing Weekly Support


  • Provide the time to clinicians to help them develop skills, clinical reasoning, or discuss personal goals.
  • Schedule set times for clinicians to access the support
  • Provide the necessary materials and equipment to carry out the sessions
  • Be prepared for sessions based on requests for learning objectives
  • Ensure the clinician has an ability to direct the mentorship and meet their expectations


  • Appropriately schedule the sessions and block time in working schedule
  • Provide advanced notice to mentors on desired topics or skills of interest
  • Come prepared to each session ready to practice skills, discuss cases, and have background information.
  • Provide feedback to the group and/or mentor in order to continually improve
  • Collaborate with team and mentors and offer input into direction of topics and program

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